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It’s not too hard to have a healthy happy life. Small detail things we do everyday form our life. Just take a few minutes to take a look, and make a change; we can make our life better. There are some simple formulas that you can apply to your everyday life, and, then, have a bigger smile.

Tip 1 Drink lots of water

This rule is the first thing we say when we talk about good health. The recommend amount of water is about 8 to 9 cups a day. There are many reasons why we need to drink enough water a day. Water helps in weight loss, boost our energy, reduce risks of heart disease, promote healthy skin, and more. Drinking water is the best for us since there are no calories, no caffeine, no sugar and some other substances that have negative results on our body.

However, water is not the first choice for many people. Coffee, Soda and alcohols drinks seem more fascinating for many. Let’s take a look what we get from different kinds of drinks and how they affect our health.

Soda: Starting with the most popular anti-healthy drink, SODA contains carbon dioxide to make it fizzy, to add flavors some have sugar, caffeine, while some do have preservatives, sodium, or phosphoric acid. Besides getting fat because of sugar, our body needs to work harder to correct the acidic condition. Many pop sodas have pH balance of 2, while our body has pH balance of 7. By drinking soda, we consume a highly acidic substance, messing up our body acidic balance. The body then needs to pull out some minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium & calcium to neutralize the body. This results in teeth enamel and bone corrosion.

Coffee: People drink coffee in the morning or when they feel tried, believing that coffee keeps them alert and makes brains function better. Most of us do know that coffee contains caffeine, and caffeine is not good for us. Chemicals found in coffee are carcinogens or the substances that cause cancer. Coffee may raise cholesterol level and increase the risk of high blood pressure. Some studies say, drinking coffee is good for your hearts health, drinking too much coffee (more than 4 cups a day) can have detrimental effects to our cardiovascular system, such as cardiovascular disease and other chronic heart disease.

Alcohols: Alcohol help us enjoy a moment and forget something we do not want to think about. But we should not forget about the effects of alcohol on our health. Alcohol can affect every organ, impacts the liver most. Instead of burning fatty acids, liver is forced to metabolize alcohol and get rid of the substance. The fatty acids then gather together, developing fatty livers and other liver diseases.

Water is the best drink for our body. However, life will be boring if we can drink only water. It is alright to have soda, coffee, or alcohol drinks sometimes, but in a limited quantity. Fruit juices and milk are the better choice when we need something more than just drinking water.

Tip 2 Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a poor

The second rule is simple to understand but, in real situation, it is not easy to follow. Most city people have the same life style. We are very busy in the morning. We do not have time for food until 10 or 11 am. Some people call a cup of coffee breakfast. Some even skip the meal. At lunch time, we likely have about one hour or 45 minutes brake. So we get whatever we can find around our work place as lunch. Fast foods such as burger or pizza are our first choice. Then, it is time for a dinner. Our lives are just slow down. We are tried and want some treat for the day. We have big meal, followed by some desert. Some people relax in front of TV, having another fast food meal. Our modern lifestyles are totally distorted from the rule.

However, there is no excuse not to take care ourselves. Take some time thinking and planning what you should have for a meal. There are plenty of food ideas and recipes provided online. Or you can discuss with your personal doctors or physicians. Make small changes for the healthier and happier life.